Manual Mobility
Action 3NG
Available in Transit and Self-Propelled, the Action 3NG manoeuvres smoothly due to its light rigid and well-balanced frame, and an ergonomic design that enables the user to become more independent.
Action 3NG Lever Drive
One arm lever drive control system allowing the user with low muscular tone to propel the wheelchair. Using one arm through the lever pendular motion which propels it forward or backwards, steering and braking integrated.
Action 3NG Jnr
Invacare Action3 Junior is a lightweight, foldable paediatric wheelchair designed for children aged between 3 and 15 years. Action3 Junior has been developed to match the individual needs of the child and can grow as they grow.
Action 4NG
A comfortable, foldable, lightweight wheelchair, suited for everyday use with heavier users. Invacare cross-compatibility; a shared platform with other models in the Action NG family means that users and advisors can easily update or refurbish their wheelchairs and enjoy maximum opportunities for personalised adjustment.
Action 5
Designed specifically for users with an active lifestyle, the Invacare Action 5 Folding is a highly adjustable, stable chair with a unique and innovative folding mechanism. The Action 5 features a light weight frame with step-less adjustability, meaning very fine adjustments can be made.
Kuschall Compact
A reliable, premium chair ideal for users who expect the best quality and functionality without compromise on weight. It is an "easy to use" chair adapted to suit those users with reduced strength.
Kuschall Champion
With its dynamic design and unique one-motion folding mechanism the Küschall Champion remains the essential wheelchair.
Kuschall K-Series
Küschall K-Series wheelchairs are highly versatile, hardwearing and configurable. They are available with a wide range of options and different frame materials to suit your exact needs.
Kuschall KSL
In creating this wheelchair, we have fused state-of-the-art technology and design to create a highly dynamic rigid wheelchair for independent active users and trendsetters.
Tilt in Space Manual Wheelchairs
Freedom NXT
A hybrid "by design", the NXT is strong and durable yet lightweight, compact, and easy to use. The NXT is the most rigid folding paediatric tilt-in-space manual wheelchair on the market.
Its lightweight design (just 17 kg in transport configuration) and compact size (base frame is only 21.75” long) and simple adjustments enhance the maneuverability of the P.R.O. CG. This makes it easy to push, turn, tilt and un-tilt so it is less cumbersome in small spaces and more adept in transportation.
Solara 3G
The Invacare Solara 3G tilt-in-space wheelchair offers more adjustability, better serviceability, increased configurability and is easier to tilt as compared to the previous generation Solara wheelchair.
Rea Azalea
Available in Transit, Self-Propelled, Minor (Paediatric) and Power Tilt/Recline. Suitable for the passive to moderately active user. The comfortable seating system, combined with good driving characteristics makes Azalea the ideal choice. Complimented with an alternative transit version called Rea Azalea Assist.
Lifters and Slings
Birdie EVO Lifter
The Birdie EVO Lifter has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or even the floor.
ISA Lifter
The Invacare Stand Assist lifter has been designed to suit a range of users who require assistance during a transfer but can weight bear.
Invacare slings range provide a safe, supportive and comfortable transfer for the client, while the simple design makes them easier to use for the carer. 
Powered Mobility
The TDX SP2 offers functionality, customisation and style that adapt to the patient's body, needs and desired lifestyle. The narrow base, centre wheel drive, natural pivot points, extended shear reduction technology and tailored positioning enable a tailored individual position for ultimate pressure redistribution, function and comfort.
The ROVI X3 is one of the most innovative powerbases ever created. Unlike anything that has come before, the ROVI X3 utilizes an unique chassis configuration that creates MORE stability with LESS overall width.
The AVIVA RX powerchair is compact, adjustable and comfortable. With all four wheels constantly in contact with the ground and superior suspension it offers stability on uneven ground, smooth comfort and a compact turning circle.
The AVIVA FX powerchair is designed to handle slopes, curbs and uneven surfaces. Active anti tippers, shock absorbers, springs and floating pivot points combine for a smooth ride.
Pressure Care / Seating
Matrx Libra
The Invacare Matrx Libra is next generation cushion - Superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning.
Matrx VI
Designed to provide skin protection and positioning for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown.
Matrx PS
Designed to provide superior positioning, stability and comfort.
Matrx PSP
Designed to provide the stability and support of the PS foam base with a polymer overlay for extra protection and shear reduction.
Matrx Absolute
Designed to provide basic comfort using highly resilient foam and is intended for individuals who are able to do their own weight shifts for pressure relief.
Invacare Mattresses
An anti-decubitus mattress designed to provide exceptional pressure reduction, shear reduction, and patient comfort, and uniquely conforms to the profile of an electric wardbed.
Softform Premier
A highly contoured, deep mattress to give very high levels of pressure reduction to patients who are at Very High Risk of pressure damage.
Softform Premier Active 2
It is clinically proven to reduce the incidence and assist in the recovery of pressure injuries when combining the excellent therapeutic benefits of the Softform Premier with the RX pump. This combination provides the ultimate hybrid mattress.
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